Our Impact

We collaborate with partners across sectors and countries. Through collaboration, we provide expertise, capability, support and capacity, financial and other resources to help deliver community-led initiatives over long-term horizons.


Our projects and activities include economic and social development, community regeneration, urban renewal, and natural capital utilisation and conservation.

How we work.

We work across multiple sectors, creating transitional pathways to embed, grow and deliver social outcomes by developing the necessary building blocks for impact including:

1.  Establishing a baseline of community needs

2.  Identifying an economic driver as catalyst for development

3.  Building a social investment framework for community outcomes

4.  Developing financing mechanisms that support investment and ongoing development

5.  Outcome measurement, monitoring and evaluation


Private sector solutions for community-centred economic and social infrastructure that drives development for long-term community resilience and sustainability.


New public-private solutions in areas globally with critical shortages across social, affordable, essential and workforce deployment housing to meet community needs.


New financial mechanisms for the transition to net zero including regenerative finance and alternative currencies, that fund sustainable economic growth over long-term horizons.


Integrated social outcome frameworks for measurement and monitoring; reframing governance and community ownership; future state planning and scenario modelling.


Localised workforce development and deployment to meet critical shortages in trade skills, education, capability building, governance and finance.


Renewable energy solutions at the individual household, microgrid and macro level that meet community needs for long-term energy security.


Regenerative agriculture and marine permaculture initiatives and projects to support community sustainability while preserving natural resources.


Integrated SME development, including venture studio / entrepreneurial methodologies with a focus on regeneration, the blue economy and the fourth industrial revolution.

Our Projects


Economic & Social Regeneration

Partners: Local Landowner Groups, Pacific Sterling Ltd, Basecamp Global

Project Value: US$500 Million

Economic and social infrastructure development intended to catalyse community regeneration in multiple districts, with direct and indirect social benefits for over 100,000 people. Project outcomes will include housing, renewable energy, workforce development and employment, diversity and inclusion, income diversification and natural capital conservation.


Fianarantsoa Student Housing

Partners: University of Fianarantsoa, Basecamp Global, Center for Infrastructure and Society, ASE PPP sarl

Project Value: US$350 Million


Prototype student housing inspired by Afro-futurism to reimagine the university campus of the future for the Universiy of Fianarantsoa and surrounding community. It is designed to address insecurity in housing, food, education, and employment for young people. This community regeneration project will eventually accommodate up to 50,000 students and community members in Fianarantsoa and potentially expand to accommodate up to 250,000 students in Madagascar.


Urban Renewal Caracas

Partners: Projects AC, Bascamp Global, Center for Infrastructure and Society
Project Value: US$10 Million


The redevelopment of housing in a barrio (urban slum) in Caracas, including a regenerative urban farming model, to address insecurity in housing, food and employment.

ERAi: Empowering Regenerative Agriculture Initiative

Partners: Farming Secrets, Cultivate Farms


An Australian initiative to support the transition to regenerative agriculture practice for farmers, growers, producers, and entrepreneurial ventures, including access to transitional finance. The Initiative aims to empower the understanding and adoption of regenerative practice, as well as recognise and enrich the relationship of people to the land and the spiritual concept of connection to Country.

ReFI: Regenerative Finance Initiative

Partners: Abundant Earth Foundation, Upstream Studio

A global initiative seeking to integrate macro-economic development outcomes with aggregated, hyper-localised benefits, impacts and outcomes that meet community needs through increasing access to patient capital for regenerative projects.

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